STEM skills development

Robotics for STEM skills development

There are many STEM skills development and education technology solutions available today.  The reason we opt for robotics is because of the physical real time feedback it offers.

While learners (young and old) play with the robots, they gain valuable experiential knowledge about programming, physics (levers, pulleys, friction and so on) and problems solving.

Once a student learns and understands the basics, they get encouraged to discover and explore new possibilities and push their own boundaries.  By allowing and encouraging mistakes to be made on a regular basis, students gain confidence and become more curious and excited.


STEM Skills development - STEM vs STEAM

The CRC solution

The CRC offer robotics coaching, mentoring and consulting for young and old.  We focus on developing STEM skills in young learners as well as adults who may need to up-skill or re-skill.

For learners one of our goals are to help produce top performing WRO and FIRST teams, coaches, mentors and robots.

For adults, we have tools and programs to gain basic technical skills, increased confidence in your own technical abilities and the space to develop your STEM skills at your own pace and time.

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