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The need for STEM skills development

The need to uplift the STEM skills in South Africa is immense.  Statistics and studies show that as little as 14% of first year engineering students finish their degree.  The main reason sited for this is the lack of understanding of the basics.

It has been found that the interest among South Africans in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) related careers are as low as 58% while India (the biggest ‘producer’ of engineers in the world) this number is sitting at 80%!

In the very near future 80% of all jobs will require employees to have good basic STEM skills and understanding.  Further in the future, 65% of the jobs our kids will do one day don’t even exist yet!

The Centurion Robotics Club have a few solutions to these problems using robotics and other educational technology.  Click here to learn more.